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Staffing Services

We provide businesses staffing for a wide range of services. If you are interested in learning more about how Athabasca Workforce Solutions can help your business, please contact us

Comprehensive Services and Solutions

Staffing Services
Provided by AWS

Staffing services can be invaluable to businesses, large and small. Not only do staffing services provide companies with access to a broad range of potential employees, but they also act as a buffer between the business and the employee, handling all of the paperwork associated with onboarding and payroll.

AWS stream-lining workforce & managing shift changes to assist in strategic areas. Immediately implement workforce when needed. AWS has a custom portal for employee screening, onboarding, & fit for duty prior to site arrival. As well as the introduction of an online training & orientation forum. This allows for immediate publications of bulletins & training mandates.

Staffing Services

Nursing staff

Discover the opportunities for nursing, allied health professionals and support staff to help those in need.

Nurse working with dropper
Allied health Professionals

Discover the opportunities for nursing, allied health professionals and support staff to help those in need.

Nurse bringing breakfast for patient

Janitorial services, unit clerks, billing clerks, chefs, orderly’s, and more. 

Nurse in hospital on the phone

Are you looking for reliable staffing solutions? Our general staffing services provide qualified personnel to fill short-term roles and long-term positions. Labor, general labor, foreman, general managers, and more.

Mechanical Services

We offer mechanical staffing services to help your business succeed. Our experienced professionals can handle a variety of needs, from skilled trades and technicians to engineering support. 

Welding and Fabrication

Welding and Fabrication services for all your needs. High quality, cost-efficient solutions with quick turnaround times. Our certified professionals are ready to help you get the job done right.

Mine Support Services

A full range of mechanical service, repair and maintenance on heavy construction, shovel and mining equipment. 

Coal mining in surface mine
Engineering Services

From petroleum engineers to drilling engineers, geotechnical engineers to electrical engineers, Engineering Solutions has experienced professionals who can provide specialized assistance.

IT-engineer in office
Why Choose Athabasca Workforce Solutions?

Value Propositions

Athabasca Workforce Solutions is a comprehensive provider of staffing services and business solutions for small, medium, and large-scale organizations. We are your one-stop shop for staffing needs, assistance with payroll, onboarding, and human resource processes, as well as mechanical services, trucking and transportation, and remote digital confined space monitoring, among other services. AWS streamlines your workforce while managing shift changes, and small to large-scale projects, assisting in a wide array of strategic areas. Immediately implement an increase in your workforce when and where needed with the help of AWS. AWS has the custom solution your business is seeking, and we have been providing those solutions for many years to our clients in many different industries. We look forward to working with you to design the solutions your business requires.

Diversified Workforce

Athabasca Workforce Solutions provides a broad range of qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences to match the specific needs of many different industries.

Local Talent

Athabasca Workforce Solutions has a deep understanding of local labor markets and works to connect businesses with skilled and talented professionals from within their area, where and when possible.

Cost Effective Business Solutions

Athabasca Workforce Solutions offers a broad range of customized services, which allows for a cost-effective approach to address your business needs, reducing overhead, liability, and increasing efficiency for businesses.

Compliance Expertise

AWS has in-depth knowledge of employment laws and regulations, ensuring that businesses remain compliant with local, provincial, and federal regulations.

Qualified Applicants

Athabasca Workforce Solutions provides pre-screened, trained, and industry-experienced candidates to ensure quality and performance in every hire.

Safety First

Athabasca Workforce Solutions has a strong commitment to safety, implementing rigorous safety standards and training programs to ensure a safe working environment for all employees and clients, in ever service we offer.

Equal Opportunity Employment

Athabasca Workforce Solutions has a deep understanding of local labor markets and works to connect businesses with skilled and talented professionals in their area.

Industry-Specific Experience & Understanding

We have a proven track record of placing qualified candidates with industry-specific experience and understanding to meet the unique needs of businesses across Canada.

Realized Operational Efficiencies

Our staffing solutions allow businesses to focus on their core competencies while increasing efficiency and reducing downtime through optimized staffing and operation